How to Showcase your Communication Skills During a Job Interview

how to act during an interview

A job interview always brings out the fear in most people and it is the one thing that will decide if the interview is a success or not.

The information on your resume will only get you so far in the interview process. It will often come down to the communications skills you demonstrate that may well be the deciding factor when the employer decides who to hire.

It is all about the Conversation

A job interview should not just be a question and answer format. Questions and answers tend to be awkward, and results in a minimal amount of information being passed back and forth. It often does not allow you to shine and bring your best self forward.

The best way to turn an interview into a conversation is to end your answers by posing a question. For instance, if the interviewer asks you about a certain software program, speak about your experience with the software and the different applications and projects where you have used it. Follow up that answer by asking how you would be using that software in the position for which you hope to be hired.

By asking questions throughout the interview, you will demonstrate your interest in the position and the company, as well as your knowledge about the industry in general. Ask for specific details as questions are being asked, such as the number of groups you will expected to interface with and what your role will be when a new product is about to go from the design to marketing stage. Do not monopolize the conversation. If the interviewer feels like he, or she is being interviews, your chance of being hired might be over before it starts.

Be a good Listener

Communication is all about listening as much as it is talking and writing. Listening to the interviewer will give you the opportunity to learn about the company and the job being discussed. It will give you the opportunity to zoom in on the details and use them to highlight how you will match up and be the best fit for the company.

Listening carefully will also help identify areas where the company is experiencing problems. That will give you the opportunity to describe how you can be part of the solution instead of being an extension of the problem. Taking notes will also help identify areas of concern for you, and act as a reminder to address those issues at the right time or bring the conversation back to those points to make your point.

Keep it Short and Concise

Short and focused answers are preferable to long rambling answers. The short and focused information you deliver will be more effective and demonstrate your economy with language. When it comes to solving problems and dealing with others, short and simple is easier to understand than long and winded. Short and concise will demonstrate your ability to understand and formulate an effective answer quickly without wasting time. Long and winded answers tend to demonstrate the subject is not understood, and no real answer is forthcoming.


Keeping the interview conversational will be your way of delivering the best information about yourself and your skills. Before the interview, anticipate the type of questions that may be asked and have an answer prepared. Do not share those answers unless the appropriate questions are asked or it works with a follow up question.

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