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EffectiveCommunication Games_The TelephoneMany people often struggle to express themselves in an effective way. While there are some individuals who communicate quite easily with others, there are also some people who have no idea as to how to begin engaging conversations. However, instead of becoming frustrated, consider trying the following games and exercises to sharpen your communication skills.

Ongoing Telephone

This game is designed to improve people’s skills in both listening and speaking. It is a somewhat old game that is still quite effective today. Many people may remember playing this game as a young child in school, as teachers often use it to show how gossiping and not listening can be harmful.

However, this game can be very effective for families and employees as well. The first person in the game must simply choose a phrase and quietly whisper it in the next person’s ear. That person will then whisper the phrase to the next person and so on until they reach the last person in the group.

Once the last person has listened to the phrase, each person must write down what they thought they heard. The group will then be able to see how much the phrase changed as it was passed down the line. This game shows people the importance of getting information from the initial source rather than from other people.

Fill in the Blanks

This game is especially helpful in building effective communication skills between you and your child, spouse or other close persons. One of the people in the group will make up a sentence, leaving out certain words such as “When you ___, I feel ___.” This game is extremely effective in building communication skills and strengthening relationships.

However, when playing this game, it is essential to focus on the answers people offer, without trying to change behaviors or place blame on someone. Additionally, you should steer away from becoming controlling, angry or negative. This exercise is meant to help you understand other’s emotions.

Four at a Time

This exercise is best when conducted with a large group of people. It is designed to strengthen nonverbal communication and the ability to cooperate as a team. Each participant will need a chair, and four people at a time must stand for no longer than 10 seconds. They will then sit back down, and four more people will stand up and so on.

There is no talking allowed during this exercise, so nobody knows who will be standing up next. While most people perform this exercise for about 10 minutes total, some people may perform it longer if they wish. The goal of this exercise is to find a way that only four people will stand at a time, maintaining proper levels of nonverbal communication and teamwork.

Good communication skills are essential for people to interact with others. There are many ways to strengthen your communication skills, and some ways are through games and exercises. The above exercises and games will not only help you strengthen your skills in communicating, but they will help you build strong relationships as well.

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Here’s another exercise you can try when you or someone you know has trouble accepting constructive criticism:

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  1. Nelly says:

    I always loved these types of games in school. I have to confess to hating them now!! I think my communication might be going backwards!! I’ve noticed when we do these types of things in courses at work, the good communicators flourish and the ones that are not so great try to shrink into the background during the game! I hope they are getting something out of the exercises too!

  2. Linda Johnson says:

    I can see how playing games like this can help not only improve your communications skills but even help build rapport with the people you are playing with. Great tips!

  3. Tamara Cockerill says:

    I remember playing telephone in school! That was always such a fun game, and yes, I agree that it really helps improve conversational skills. Great game ideas.

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