What is Effective Communication?

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Effective communication is not merely about exchanging information between you and your audience. It is about making what you want to say, what you actually say and what your audience interprets, consistent.

Improving your communication skills can make a world of a difference in your relationships with others and help you achieve your personal goals in life. We are, of course, social beings, and improving the way we relate to others can only benefit us.

Goals of Effective Communication

What is effective communicationThe goal of effective communication is to create a common perception that is received in a positive manner, so that you can together agree on a further action or decision…even if that just means that the other person will allow you to continue speaking!

A note for caution: “common perception” does not necessarily mean “agreement on subject”. All parties involved in the communication can agree to disagree and that could still be categorized as “effective”.

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Benefits of Effective Communication

  • The importance of effective communication relies on the fact that it reduces misunderstandings or the possibility of overlooking important information. This ultimately saves time as situations can be assessed accurately…and can also save you from potential embarrassment from assuming things that are incorrect!
  • Effective communication creates a non-threatening environment where a diverse group of people (even groups of the same sex, religion, or cultural background will have individuals that behave and think differently, we are human, after all) can share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas; feel respected and understood so that they can work together to solve conflicts and make decisions.

  • Effective communication is important because it allows the people involved to build trust and reduces any negative emotions that can get in the way clear of thinking. This results in communicati promote the desire to work towards a common goal.
  • Improving your effective communication skills will also increase your self-esteem: it feels great when you are able to deliver your message confidently, watch your audience embrace it and receive the outcome you had hoped for.
  • However, the biggest benefit that results from using effective communication is possibly that it improves your relationships with others. When mastered, these skills allow you to communicate even difficult messages without creating conflict or destroying trust.

Where can you use effective communication?

Everywhere! That’s right. Don’t limit your thinking to the workplace or school presentations. Any type of social interaction will benefit from using better communication skills: class meetings, fund-raising events, job interviews, making decisions with your spouse, going on a date, family reunions, meeting your partner’s parents, negotiating a deal on a car or a house.

Any time you need to interact with another person you will benefit from having better knowledge about effective communication skills.

How to improve your effective communication skills

We recommend you get started with a better understanding of how you can learn to improve and apply effective communication skills in every area of your life.

Start out with these pages and then check out all the other great info on this site

You could also read a book, take communication courses, attend communication skills training, and practice, practice, practice, with your friends, family and other folks you meet. This will help you improve your communication skills because, like any other skill, you will only get better the more you learn about it and the more you use it!

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