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How to Showcase your Communication Skills During a Job Interview
A job interview always brings out the fear in most people and it is the one thing that will decide if the interview is a success or not. The information on your resume will only get you so far in the interview process. It will often come down to the communications skills you demonstrate that may well be the deciding factor when the employer decides who to hire. It is all about the Conversation A [...]
Tips for Improving your Phone Skills
Many people know how frustrating it can be to try talking to a phone representative. Sometimes, they do not even answer their phones, or if they do, they put the person on never-ending hold. Yet on other occasions, people are transferred several times before they reach someone, only to find that they do not understand the person or the representative is less than friendly. If you are a phone representative, [...]
Effective Communication Skills for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals
Communication skills include both verbal and non-verbal messages that people use when interacting with others. These messages can include such things as words, phrases, facial expressions, sign language, body language, gestures and voice tones. Communication Skills for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals Effective communication skills are extremely important in the healthcare field. This is [...]
Effective Communication Tips for Managers
"Just being available and attentive is a great way to use listening as a management tool. Some employees will come in, talk for twenty minutes, and leave having solved their problems entirely by themselves."                     — Nicholas V. Luppa (author of "Management by Guilt and Other Uncensored Tactics") Being a good leader is about building trust with your team. When you are [...]
Effective Communication in the Workplace
“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.”              -Dale Carnegie (author, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”) Most probably, you spend most of your waking hours at work, so why not make those hours more enjoyable? Practicing effective communication skills in the workplace creates a more positive and encouraging atmosphere for both employers [...]
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